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Santé Magazine | How To Use Culinary Grade Matcha

Ikeda Tea World recently spoke with the Santé community of high-end restaurateurs, sommeliers, mixologists and chefs about matcha's versatility, and shared a few creative ways to use matcha as an ingredient.
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Chieko Yamamoto featured on edible arrangements website with a recipe for a matcha smoothie

Edible Arrangements | Ikeda's Antioxidant-rich Smoothie

Our President and CEO, Chieko Yamamoto, shared her favorite, fruit-filled, antioxidant-rich smoothie recipe with the Edible Arrangements team.
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Kenta Ikeda with Max and Graham Fortgang of MatchaBar

Vice News | Matcha Tasting With Ikeda

Our 10th Grade Chashi, Kenta Ikeda, recently met with the founders of Matchabar to help them create a unique and perfect blend of matcha, exclusive to their popular brand.
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