Skincare, Meet Matcha

Skincare, Meet Matcha

Creating a skincare “hero” product with Keicha’s Matcha can meet the demand of the booming beauty market! Our Matcha is multipurpose, economical, and versatile, giving your customers the antioxidant benefits they’ve been looking for.
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An organic matcha tea field overlayed with icons representing USDA organic, biodiversity, conservation, resource cycling and ecological balance

Organic Matcha Has Never Tasted So Good

Keicha Matcha offers USDA Certified Organic Matcha and we are proud of what this means. Not only are we providing the best tasting matcha on the market, but when you buy our bulk matcha, you are making a difference and caring for our planet.
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A woman drinking a matcha smoothie

Matcha & the Thriving Well-Being Marketplace

Matcha’s pleasant taste and potential health benefits make it an ideal choice for wellness products. But how does it fit into the wellness marketplace? Is matcha an adaptogen? How about a functional food? What is nutraceutical matcha?
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A bowl of matcha green tea surrounded by ginger, turmeric, anise and other functional foods on a white surface.

Is Matcha a Functional Food?

What are functional foods? You may have heard this phrase from articles and social media, but what are they and does matcha green tea count? We'll answer this question and outline some of matcha's health benefits in the process.
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An aerial view of a prepared mojito mocktail recipe

Matcha Mocktails a Draw as Economy Reopens

Sober curious diners are changing the way restaurants develop drink menus. Offer a refreshing, immunity-boosting treat to your non-alcoholic beverage offerings with Ikeda Matcha’s premium bulk matcha and this matcha mojito mocktail recipe!
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matcha green tea being poured into a glass. A bowl of matcha sits in the background.

Using Matcha to Fight Stress in Uncertain Times

2020 has been full of surprises and many of us find ourselves safer at home, brainstorming and innovating ways to make our brands stronger. At Ikeda, we want to offer you strategies – backed by research, nutrition, and experience – to inspire creative solutions to the challenges your brand might be facing.

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Plastic bottles of matcha and carrot juice on white background with leaves in the foreground.

Matcha Branding Cheat Sheet: Enhance Your Brand’s Image

Here are a few ways the quality, flavor and potential health benefits of Keicha’s bulk matcha amplify your brand's strengths and enhance your unique brand messaging.
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Matcha RTD beverage in plastic bottle held up in front of white background

Matcha Revamps RTD Beverages with Nutrients & Flavor

It’s a new decade and a new chance for RTD beverage manufacturers to grab consumer attention with something delicious, natural, plant-based and 100% on trend. We’ll let you in on a little secret – adding matcha green tea immediately adds a wonderfully savory kick and countless nutritional benefits to almost any RTD formula.

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2 hands holding cocktail glasses reflective of 2020's beverage trends.

The Simple Secret to Achieving 4 of 2020s Biggest Food Industry Trends

Keeping up with current food industry trends may seem like a never-ending task. There’s one ingredient, however, that will help you use at least 4 of 2020s biggest food trends to your advantage and bring in diners looking for the newest dishes and exciting flavors: Matcha.

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Hojicha latte on a table in front of a sign reading,

Vegan Coconut Milk Hojicha Latte Recipe

Why is there a sudden, growing interest in traditional Japanese Hojicha green tea? The answer lies in its versatility – Hojicha tastes wonderful with milk or baked into desserts – and in its health benefits. For baristas unfamiliar with hojicha latte recipes, we’ve developed a simple yet delicious hojicha latte that you can serve hot or cold.
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Organic food in a grocery store

The Organic Food Movement: What Does the Modern Organic Shopper Really Want?

Interested in the organic food movement? Learn more about how environmentally conscious brands can impact your business’ sales with Ikeda Tea World today.
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Master Cases of Bulk Matcha

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Bulk Matcha Powder

From finding the right matcha grade, to knowing and understanding where your matcha comes from, the rightbulk matcha supplier will help any business navigate the complex ins and outs when they’re ready tobuy matcha in bulkor wholesale. 

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