Skincare, Meet Matcha

Within the beauty industry, skincare has become the fastest growing market segment. Investing time and money into skincare is the new trend. Clean beauty, loosely defined by a lack of harmful chemicals, is now an important factor that consumers take into account when shopping for skincare. Not only do they want ingredients that work, they want those same ingredients to be kind to their skin and the environment.

Let’s keep it simple. Matcha delivers.

Yes, Matcha the tea! Not only is it a delicious beverage that provides benefits such as antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E, but it is a proven skincare ingredient. Part of matcha’s unique growing process is that a few weeks before harvest, the tea leaves are shaded which helps them develop more of the amino acid called chlorophyll. According to One Green Planet, “…chlorophyll can protect our skin from sun damage and reduce photo-aging, which means fewer wrinkles and sunspots.” Limit sun exposure and use matcha to further protect your skin from sun damage. Whether matcha is being consumed in a delicious beverage or applied directly to the skin, it doesn't get better than a multipurpose ingredient that consumers can count on.

Accessible, Affordable, Natural and Delicious

If you want to expand your business and break into the skincare industry, there are multiple ways to boost your product line with Keicha’s Matcha.

Here are a few reasons and ways to incorporate Keicha’s all-natural Matcha into your Skin Care Formulations:
woman wearing soothing matcha face cream

  • Toner - Matcha’s antioxidant properties and chlorophyll content may reduce the appearance of aging and help rejuvenate the skin.
  • Face masks - When applied topically, according to the Cleveland Clinic, caffeine may constrict blood vessels, reducing puffiness around the eyes.
  • Beauty Beverage Mixes - Matcha mixed with other ingredients like collagen and adaptogens have the potential to protect with antioxidants, reduce the effects of aging, and calm inflammation. Keicha’s Matcha provides a delicious green tea flavor to boost the taste profile of any recipe.

It’s Time to Bring Matcha to the Shelf

Creating a skincare “hero” product with Keicha’s Matcha can meet the demand of people who are actively in the market looking for just this! Not everyone has the time nor are they interested in having a long skincare routine. The solution is to find a multipurpose, economical product such as Matcha that can be used in various ways and give your customers the benefits they’ve been looking for. At Keicha, our matcha is made to the highest international standards in terms of quality, taste, and safety. Reach out and we’ll help you find the best option for your beauty brand.