matcha being whisked in a bowl over a wooden table surface

How To Prepare Matcha: A Ritual For The Senses

The art of preparing and servingceremonial matcha is known as theJapanese tea ceremony, a traditional ritual that involves movement, aesthetics, and self-cultivation. High-qualityceremonial grade matcha, a bit of time, practice, and fewtraditional matcha tools are all you need to bring this ancient ceremony to life.

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hands lifting newly harvested green tea leaves

Organic Matcha: After a Long Wait, The Harvest Is In

May is here! It’s matcha harvest season, and there is no better time to enjoy ‘Sincha,’ the first tea of the year. After months of cold weather and short days in southern Japan, the leaves for the best organic matcha are ready to be picked.

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Matcha boba on a black and white patterned surface.

It's National Bubble Tea Day!

We're celebrating this sweet, iconic Taiwanese drink, made famous by its dark tapioca balls wide, colorful straws, and its seemingly endless variety of adorable tea lid designs. Boba's history is as colorful as its variety of flavors, our favorite, of course, being matcha.
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A glass mug full of the new green tea, Sun Rouge

The Newest Ombre Green Tea from Kagoshima, Japan: Sun Rouge Tea

After years of research, Japan has come up with an exciting purple sencha:  Sun rouge green tea. This new cultivar doesn’t only have a beautiful and unique color but is full of surprising health properties.
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A barista pours milk into matcha green tea healthy beverage

The Healthy Beverage Transforming the Beverage Market: Matcha Tea Drinks

Matcha’s earthy flavor and multiple health benefits have positionedmatcha beverages at the top of the market.  Consumers want richness without the calories. This trendy drink is an indulgent and energizing option that combines the best of both worlds!
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Ceremonial matcha in a glass cup in front of a chasen whisk and chashaku

Visit Us at Supply Side East 2018

Ikeda Tea World will be exhibiting at Supply Side East on April 10th through 11th at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey at Booth #A133

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Ikeda Tea World’s farmer handles a green tea bush.

Where to Buy Matcha Powder: Ikeda Tea World’s Bulk Matcha Process

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process is a true labor of love that includes combining the art of traditional farming, utilizing natural nutrients from the land, and hand selected and sourced tea leaves from our 10th-grade certified tea sommelier, Ikeda Kenta.
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Woman with matcha face mask and towel on hair in front of a white background.

Antioxidant Rich Matcha Beauty Products For Dry Winter Skin

Matcha antioxidants are now a staple ingredient in beauty products. Its minerals, vitamins, and amino acids make matcha the key to healthy hair and skin. Many of the beauty industries leading brands have discovered the benefits of matcha and it is now one of the most coveted ingredients for hair and skin care.
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Kenta Ikeda, Tea Master, smells a palm-full of tea leaves.

Our Master Tea Maker, Kenta Ikeda

Our Tea Sommelier, Kenta Ikeda puts his heart, soul, and expertise into every batch we make. Mr. Ikeda became certified as a 10th-grade Chashi Master Tea Maker. A level of expertise so rare that only 12 other people around the world have been given this honor in the 65 years of the certificate’s existence.
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Japanese green tea matcha latte on striped green background

Finding the Right Japanese Green Tea Matcha Grade

It’s essential to know about the many grades of matcha and which is the best one to use in your product. It comes down to one question: How will you be using matcha? Whatever the use may be, the matcha powder of your dreams will fall into one of three categories: Ceremonial, Culinary or Industrial grade.
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Square cut, green, frosted Frankenstein matcha dessert cookies

3 of Our Favorite Halloween Matcha Desserts

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Two scoops of ice cream sit in black bowls as examples of how to use matcha tea

How Matcha Powder Can Be Used

Matcha powder has become more than just a trend in the health food community; it’s become a staple tea, cooking and beauty ingredient around the world.
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