Where to Buy Matcha Powder: Ikeda Tea World’s Bulk Matcha Process

How do we go from a simple green leaf to a rich, bulk matcha powder that is ready to drink? Companies who know bulk matcha wholesale know Ikeda Tea World’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process is a true labor of love that includes combining the art of traditional farming with the best industry techniques available. Utilizing the natural nutrients of the land with hand-selected and sourced tea leaves chosen by our 10th-grade Tea Master, Ikeda Kenta, we make sure to stand out as the highest-quality option for where to buy matcha powder.

 Ikeda Tea World’s farmer handles the soil in a green tea field

Our Soil At Ikeda Tea World

The most important factor in considering where to buy matcha powder is where the original plant was grown and produced. Ikeda Tea World’s main production area is located in Kagoshima, Japan. This lively city and prefecture is home to eleven active volcanoes, including Sakurajima. This volcanic material gives Kagoshima nutrient-rich soil and is a well known growing spot for some of its largest and most impressive exports, like Guinness World Record-sized daikon radishes, sweet potatoes, and, of course, green tea. The minerals in the volcanic ash create a fertile soil rich in iron, magnesium, and potassium, and help to produce some of the highest quality organic Matcha and green tea.

Ikeda Tea World’s certified organic matcha tea leaves are grown in the shade in this rich, volcanic soil and, depending on the leaf’s location, manufactured into various grades of matcha. Growing the matcha in the shade is what contributes to the tea’s distinct taste and vibrant green color, as well as the high levels of the amino acid, Theanine, which has been thought to reduce stress, improve cognition, and boost mood.

 An inside look into how Ikeda Tea World’s matcha tea is ground

Ikeda Tea World’s Matcha Manufacturing

Manufacturing processes should be considered alongside farming practices when considering where to buy matcha powder. Once the green tea leaves have been harvested and sorted by grade, they are steamed. The steaming process maintains matcha’s vivid color. The leaves are then dried, and the stems and veins are removed creating Tencha (refined tea). Matcha powder is made by grinding the refined tea under a constant temperature and carefully monitored humidity levels. Ceremonial grade matcha is ground very slowly before being turned into the matcha powder we know and love.

Ikeda Tea World’s farmer handles a few stems of green tea plants


Ikeda Tea World maintains very high standards when it comes to traceability and holds several certifications including, Food Safety Certification 22000, OU Kosher, USDA Organic, JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Certified Gluten-Free.

Ikeda Tea World’s Chashi, Kenta Ikeda, poses in a warehouse.


When it comes to tea and where to buy matcha powder, quality stands at the forefront. Quality matcha comes from having an advanced Tea Master’s ability to source leaves from many varying batches and accurately characterize the properties of each group of leaves to determine the best use for them. This efficiently produces the best flavors in each grade of matcha.

Ground matcha powder is scooped out of a container with a silver spoon

Bulk Matcha Distribution

Ikeda Tea World is a global supplier of private label matcha and bulk teas. Our expertise in the production of wholesale organic matcha and ability to create exclusive, private label matcha formulations makes us a leading choice in where to buy your matcha powder. Our expertise in packaging, storage, and delivery of premium matcha, makes Ikeda Tea World a prominent matcha supplier with leading up-and-coming matcha brands reaching out to them for their expertise. Contact us today to receive a free estimate for your business’ needs.