Finding the Right Japanese Green Tea Matcha Grade

Before placing an order with any bulk matcha supplier, it’s important to know about the grades of Japanese green tea matcha, and which is the best grade and quality matcha to use in your product. There’s a lot of info about matcha grades and their uses, but it comes down to one question: How will you be using matcha?

Are you a food connoisseur looking to add a little color to your menu or products? Are you creating the next great beauty product? Or are you just looking for a high-quality tea? Whatever the use may be, the matcha powder of your dreams will fall into one of three categories: Ceremonial, Culinary or Industrial grade. So what is matcha, and what’s the difference between these, and which matcha quality will work best for your brand?


Piles of Japanese green tea matcha powder lined up to show different matcha qualities.

The difference between each Japanese green tea matcha grade has to do with the location of the leaves on the plant. The top stalks are turned into a ceremonial grade of matcha, while the leaves in the middle or bottom are perfect for culinary or industrial use. While the categories of matcha may be different, the quality, health benefits and high levels of antioxidants remain the same. Matcha qualities and grades only differ in flavor and color.


Ceremonial grade Japanese green tea matcha

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

This emerald green powder has a smooth flavor and loads of amino acids. Traditionally, this matcha powder is for Japanese tea ceremonies and only mixed with pure water; however, this Japanese green tea matcha grade is also perfect for private label products, single-serve stick packs, and high-end food services and products.

Green, Japanese green tea matcha cheesecake on white plate

Culinary Grade Matcha

Also known as ingredient grade matcha or cooking grade matcha, this Japanese green tea matcha powder has a bright green complexion and is perfect for products that will feature matcha as an added flavor, like ice cream, candy, bottled beverages, lattes, pastries, and other foods. Cooking matcha’s qualities include a slightly tart flavor that plays well with recipes that have a lot of components. You'll notice the matcha flavoring breaks through stronger ingredients, like dairy and sugar, and gives the final product a subtle, unique and earthy flavor.

Industrial Grade Matcha

Don’t mind the cold sounding name -- industrial grade matcha maintains the same high-antioxidant qualities of premium grade Japanese green tea matcha. This grade has a yellowish tone and high levels of acidity. Additionally, the qualities of this matcha make it ideal for health products like vitamins and supplement powders that are mixed with water or made into shakes. Beauty products like facial masks, cleansers, and toners also utilize industrial grade Japanese green tea matcha as part of their ingredients because the high levels of antioxidants brighten dark spots, even skin tone, and ward off harmful UV rays.

Ikeda Tea World specializes in supplying bulk tea orders in many different grades of Japanese green tea matcha. We are USDA Organic certified, as well as Non-GMO and OU Kosher certified. We adhere to JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) and FSSC22000 (Food Safety System Certification) standards. For more information or help finding the matcha grade that's right for you, contact us today.