How Matcha Powder Can Be Used

With the recent rise in matcha tea’s popularity, you might be wondering how to use matcha tea. While matcha was first used for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, it is now used in everything from flavorful lattes to beautifully vibrant cakes. With its signature bright green color, matcha adds a distinct look to any drink or dish that it is added to. Matcha powder has become more than just a trend in the health food community: it’s become a staple tea, cooking, and beauty ingredient around the world. With so many uses for matcha powder, it’s no wonder it has grown in popularity amongst consumers! Matcha has also grown in demand due to its many health benefits, including its rich antioxidant and L-theanine contents. Its versatility as a food, dietary supplement, and beverage ingredient is one that can’t be matched!

You’ll be surprised by how matcha can be used in your everyday lifestyle. From energy supplements to a warm drink to sip while you hydrate with a matcha facial, matcha powder’s uses can be added to every aspect of your diet and life. To get inspired, check out some of our favorite matcha collabs below.


A frothy, matcha latte with whipped cream on top as an example of how to use matcha tea

Matcha In Beverages

Matcha powder can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Try matcha as a steamy, creamy matcha latte or a traditional hot tea. Add ice with matcha for a refreshing kick or blend it up for an ice-cold milkshake or smoothie!

Matcha chia pudding topped with bright red raspberries as an example of how to use matcha tea

Matcha In Food

The unique flavors of matcha make for the perfect ingredient in any sweet treat. Use matcha powder to create matcha desserts like ice cream or cookies, or try making a chia pudding for a healthy dessert. Learning how to use matcha powder as creatively as possible has become so popular that even candy manufacturers, like Pocky and Kit Kat, are making matcha treats!

Bright green packets of matcha supplement powder as an example of how to use matcha tea

Matcha In Supplements

Matcha’s rich antioxidants make it a natural and nutritious way to getting a boost of energy. Matcha’s L-theanine content provides a calming effect and steadies alertness while enhancing and sustaining energy, concentration, and productivity. Matcha powder can be used as a supplement or added to protein bars, supplement pouches, matcha granola bars, and energy balls.

A variety of matcha beauty products placed together as an example of how to use matcha tea

Matcha In Beauty Products

We’ve mentioned the potency of antioxidant-rich matcha skin care products for dry winter skin. Some of the world’s leading beauty brands have discovered how to use matcha powder and it’s rich antioxidant content, making this superfood one of the most coveted ingredients for hair care and skincare products.

When purchasing matcha, remember that not all matcha is the same. Matcha powder’s uses vary depending on the grade and quality of the matcha. Due to its freshness, matcha should also be purchased within the year that it was produced, so it is important to always be aware of the expiration date.

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