The Organic Food Movement: What Does the Modern Organic Shopper Really Want?

The food we consume is immensely personal. Not only does it nourish us, it helps us form identities and connect with our communities. Just ask your vegan shoppers about their experiences finding restaurants and brands that cater to them, or bring your grandmother’s secret recipe to a neighborhood party and see how many new people you meet. Food makes us passionate and offering your customers the dietary options they’re looking for from an environmentally conscious brand gives them a literal, gut-level attachment to your brand.

Fresh produce displayed at an environmentally conscious brand supermarket.Your customers have learned about the health benefits of the organic food movement for years. According to the Organic Trade Association, in the United States alone, nearly 6% of all food sold -- from big-box retailers to local corner stores -- is now organic. As shoppers have started to incorporate the values of the organic movement into their lifestyles and their identities, they have also started to seek out organic options and environmentally conscious brands. Eliminating harmful chemicals from our food supply was the original goal of the organic food movement, but, over time, the additional environmental benefits of organic farming has become part of the appeal. 

The Organic Food Movement via… Matcha?

As Laura Batcha, CEO and Executive Director of the Organic Trade Association explained, “Activism is a natural reaction from an industry that is really close to the consumer [...] the industry is choosing to move to meet the consumer rather than get stalled.”

More than ever, consumers want to support environmentally conscious brands, and our bulk matcha meets this demand. At Ikeda Tea World, we are extremely proud that our bulk organic matcha powder meets the strict guidelines set out by the USDA, EU, and the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) to be labeled and sold as organic in all 3 regions.

A farmer works in the lush, green tea field of Ikeda Matcha, an environmentally conscious tea brand.Not only does our organic farming eliminate the use of non-organic pesticides, but our production process also has a reduced impact on the environment. To qualify for the USDA Organic, JAS, and EU organic labels, our organic matcha grades are subject to several strict regulations meant to protect consumers, create a fair and transparent marketplace for the organic food movement, and encourage the protection of the environment. Specifically, our environmentally-conscious brand, Ikeda’s organic farms, and production processes responsibly use energy and natural resources. They maintain and preserve local biodiversity and ecological balance while enhancing soil fertility, and protecting the quality of water in our communities.

Environmentally Mindful Matcha For Environmentally Conscious Brands

Organic matcha tea is poured over a scoop of ice cream.Your customers want to support businesses that share their values. Start by making Ikeda your matcha supplier. We are committed to providing the highest-quality organic matcha powder – from ceremonial grade to culinary grade and industrial grade – to meet your strict environmental needs. Get in touch and ask for more information on our organic certifications and how they can apply to your recipes, formulations, or private label tea. Help your customers fall in love with your environmentally conscious brand and join the organic food movement today!