Organic Matcha Has Never Tasted So Good

Finding ways to be environmentally conscious and make a difference can be overwhelming. A good place to start is to try to buy organic products when you can. Keicha Matcha offers USDA Certified Organic Matcha and we are proud of what this means. Not only are we providing the best tasting matcha on the market, but when you buy our bulk matcha, you are making a difference & caring for our planet. Drink with confidence. How good does that taste?!

The Cost-Effective Organic Matcha Option

Most of the time buying organic means spending more money. However, Keicha’s organic matcha is extremely cost effective. Our tea leaves come from Kagoshima, the hub of organic farming in Japan. Our connection to Kagoshima’s farmers gives us access to the largest supply of organic tea leaves in Japan, and that increased supply means lower prices and higher quality matcha for you. To put it quite simply, the organic stamp means this product has taken multiple steps to ensure it has been produced in a way that meets the standard of USDA Organic. According to the USDA, organic products must:

  • Foster resource cycling
  • Promote ecological balance
  • Maintain and improve soil and water quality
  • Minimize use of synthetic materials
  • Conserve biodiversity

Becoming certified organic is a process. It pushes companies to work more ethically to source their product. When you are certified organic, it shows the consumer that you care about the environment, care for their health and what they consume, and that you are passionate about the quality of your product. According to the USDA, being certified organic means no GMOs, ionizing radiation, or sewage sludge.

Certified Organic Matcha Isn’t Just for Better Health

A matcha whisk hovering over a bowl of organic matcha

It’s not only what you put in your body that matters, but also a movement to get behind. With the very serious threats our environment is facing, it is incredibly important to purchase environmentally friendly products when you can. As explained in our last blog post ‘Certified Organic Matcha: Having Your Tea and Drinking It Too, “Research shows that organic practices can improve water quality, conserve energy, increase biodiversity, reduce pollution, and contribute to soil health.” In the past few years, becoming environmentally conscious has grown to be a pivotal movement in this generation. Making daily choices with our planet in mind is something quite admirable. We are proud to be produce Certified Organic Matcha.