Matcha Branding Cheat Sheet: Enhance Your Brand’s Image

What comes to a customer’s mind when they hear your brand name? Is it your high-quality goods? Your trendiness or innovative products? Your mission to support the community or source specialized ingredients?

It’s important to amplify your brand’s strengths with every product or service you offer, and we want to ensure that you have the info you need to seamlessly incorporate premium Japanese matcha into your branding message. Here are a few ways the quality, flavor and high level of health benefits of Keicha’s bulk matcha enhances your unique brand messaging.

Quality Matcha Expertly Crafted in Japan

A bowl of matcha green tea on a white marble tableIs your product premium? Do consumers look to you when they want flavor perfection or a refined experience? If quality and status are your calling cards, our matcha is a perfect compliment to your distinguished branding message. Matcha at its core is the epitome of attention to detail. Our tea leaves are specially grown then carefully sorted to ensure that you get the highest quality bulk matcha green tea possible. Keicha’s matcha is carefully developed by our head of production, a 10th degree Chashi or tea master, which no other matcha manufacturer can offer.

Keicha’s bulk matcha comes in different grades, all expertly crafted by our tea master for different uses. At the top is high end ceremonial grade matcha. It’s a beautiful, vibrant green and has a mildly sweet and umami flavor, ideal for drinking alone with hot or cold water.

Just below this is our expertly developed culinary grade matcha, which has a stronger flavor and a slightly less vibrant green hue. Culinary grade matcha is perfect for flavor mixes and unique formulations because the flavor of the matcha stands out from the other ingredients.

Next is industrial or nutraceutical matcha which has the same expert crafting and health benefits as our other matcha grades, but flavor and color better suited for supplements and beauty products.

A Versatile Superfood for Special Diets

A major part of matcha’s popularity comes from its superfood status as a natural source of health benefits. By incorporating matcha into your lineup of food, beverage, supplement, and beauty products, you may be able to amplify the health callouts in your own branding message. Below are a few of matcha’s potential health benefits that you should thoroughly research and consider for your own product messaging:

  • Caters to special diets including: Gluten-free, Kosher, vegan, keto
  • Antioxidants/Catechins: prevent cell damage, boost immunity
  • Amino Acids/L-Theanine: Increase alertness and cognition, decrease stress, increase dopamine
  • Chlorophyll: healthier skin, natural detox

Energy Boost for Environmental Crusaders

If your brand message involves protecting the food supply chain, avoiding genetically modified ingredients, and sourcing the finest organic ingredients, Keicha’s bulk matcha can provide the non-GMO and organic certifications to enhance and further your message.

Green tea leaves in hands of farmer in green tea fieldWe source our tea leaves from family-owned farms in Kagoshima, which is the largest organic farming region in Japan. Kagoshima’s soil is naturally enriched with unique minerals from the active Sakurajima volcano, giving Keicha’s tea leaves a natural boost in nourishment throughout the growing process.

Keicha’s bulk matcha is developed under strict environmental guidelines to ensure that our tea is natural and our growing process protects the local environment. We are proud to be non-GMO Project certified, and to offer a broad range of organic matcha in grades from industrial to ceremonial to cater to the needs of supplement manufacturers and elite tea brands alike.

Color & Clout for Trend Setters

Let's be honest – your customers LOVE to brag about you on social media, and you crave their likes and follows. Give them a new reason to humble brag with a selfie (in front of a colorful wall) while enjoying YOUR product. Matcha is colorful (aka Instagrammable), easy to blend with other ingredients for whatever taste profile you desire, and has so many health benefits that you can mold the brand messaging to align with your marketing goals. Just scroll through Instagram or TikTok and search #matcha to see the excitement.

Get in touch with us so we can suggest a grade of Keicha's bulk matcha that may work for your project. We specialize in helping businesses develop the very best matcha products and want to help you do the same.

Person taking a photo of a woman's hands holding a matcha latte on a cell phone