Hojicha Powder: A Delicious Roasted Green Tea

A spoonful of Hojicha tea leaves.

What Is Hojicha?

With its sudden boom in the world market, many people are wondering, “What is Hojicha??” Hojicha tea is a Japanese green tea that comes from the same plant as matcha but instead of being steamed, Hojicha is roasted at high temperatures in a porcelain pot using charcoal. The result is a brownish green tea, low in caffeine, with a smoky-nutty flavor and caramel notes.

Hojicha’s benefits are very similar to other green teas. Although it has a lower amount of catechins, Hojicha powder is a pretty good source of antioxidants that help prevent cell damage and aging. These antioxidants play an important role in easing digestion and boosting metabolism. Hojicha also has theanine which has a calming effect and helps with concentration.

Two bowls, one of matcha powder and one of Hojicha powder, set side-by-side.


Like ceremonial grade matcha, Hojicha powder is ground and packaged right away. The difference is that Hojicha can also be produced from green tea plants that are not shaded. The harvest of Hojicha tea generally takes place later in the season and may or may not include stems and twigs.

The roasting process plays a large part in distinguishing what Hojicha is. The roasting process, which was first done in Kyoto in 1920, has a decaffeinating effect on the leaves, bringing a smoother and calmer experience to this tea than in other green teas. This makes Hojicha powder especially popular amongst older people, pregnant women, and kids. The low amount of caffeine (only 20 milligrams of caffeine per 100-gram serving) makes Hojicha perfect to have at any time of the day without worrying about caffeine’s effects.

Female friends hold up soft serve ice cream cones.


Despite many people wondering what Hojicha is, its popularity is on the rise. From Singapore to London, where you can even find Hojicha ice cream “in the clouds,” this unique green tea is drawing the attention of the tea industry. In Japan, for example, the bulk Hojicha market increased 16 times in value from 2005 to 2016. Hojicha powder has become so trendy that you can even find Hojicha drinks, Hojicha ice cream, and Hojicha food products in major convenience stores like Seven-Eleven.

Starbucks frozen beverage made from Hojicha powder.


Hojicha powder’s woody aroma and naturally sweet taste make Hojicha powder ideal for exploring new culinary experiences. Market research shows that 90 Hojicha drinks and Hojicha flavored food products were launched in 2017 in Japan alone! The variety of Hojicha products available goes from a classic Hojicha latte to Hojicha pasta and even Hojicha sweets and desserts.

Hojicha tea hot or cold goes well with milk, so if you are new to Hojicha powder and wondering what Hojicha is, a classic Hojicha latte is a great start. As an indulgence, a Hojicha cheesecake roll or a Hojicha tea jelly will make your afternoon better. For the evening, how about decompressing with a relaxing classy Hojicha Syrup Manhattan?

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