FSSC Certified Matcha: Keicha’s Organic, High-Quality Green Tea

The food and beverage market is closely monitored and highly regulated. This comes as no surprise since it concerns public health. As organic, high-quality tea like matcha grows in popularity, so do the demands for its safety. A premium matcha supplier, for example, is held to the highest standards and is required to meet strict safety certifications and hygiene demands in order to provide high-quality matcha tea.

Keicha Tea World is a FSSC 22000 certified company, and we proudly hold a FSSC 22000 international certification. As an FSSC certified company, we are fully committed to not only producing high-quality tea but also following, but also following product safety and quality regulations, as well as the strictest hygiene requirements.


High-Quality Matcha Tea Falling from a Conveyor Shoot

What is a FSSC 22000 Certified Company?

FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) is an independent agency that created a framework for effectively managing food safety and quality responsibilities. FSSC certified companies have to have an effective food safety management system that meets the requirements and demands of regulators, food business clients, and consumers. FSSC 22000 guarantees the company’s integrity and brings trust and confidence to its clients

FSSSC 22000 is an international third-party certification based on existing ISO 22000 standards. It is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and accepted by Abs worldwide, which means that it works in collaboration with the world’s leading food safety experts in order to define and update food, and high-quality tea, safety requirements for food safety schemes, mainly through a benchmarking process.

To become an FSSC 22000 certified company, companies must comply with the ISO 22000 international standard that outlines the requirements for a food safety management prerequisite programs (PRs) and and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) principles, which include biological, chemical, and physical hazards in our high-quality tea production process.


Matcha Tea Leaves Being Laid Out for Inspection

Differences With Other Certifications

Becoming a FSSC 22000 certified company does not involve any certain stakeholder organization. As A Non-Profit, Independent foundation, FSSC 22000 uses international and global ISO standards not owned by any specific stakeholder organization. Unlike other schemes, FSSC 22000 has a 3-year auditing certification process that focuses not only on the product/ process scheme but on the whole food safety management system, from the first contact with the raw materials to the final stages, such as packaging, transportation, and storage.


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Quality Comes First

Although high-quality tea products have been categorized as low risk in terms of food safety, organic green tea may become contaminated during the process of drying or packing. At Keicha Tea World, every single step of production, processing and distribution is closely monitored and regularly audited by an international third party in order to offer the highest quality FSSC certified green tea and FSSC certified matcha.

Alongside our proud designation as a FSSC 22000 certified company, we also hold other high-quality tea certifications such as OU Kosher, USDA Organic,JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Certified Gluten-Free as a guarantee of our promise to maintain the highest standards possible throughout our whole food management system.

If you are looking for an organic high-quality bulk matcha tea supplier, call us today.