Sweet & Flavored Matcha Powder Mixes: Endless Combinations

Consumer demands for instant, natural, plant-based beverage varieties continues to grow. Ready-to-drink teais at the top of the list with a meaningful growth of 3.9% in value and a 1.1% increase in volume in the last year. Additionally, matcha powder mixes that combine multiple superfoods into a single packaged blend have seen a steady boost in sales in 2018. A number of companies have jumped on this trend, introducing ready-to-mix matcha to-go in multiple formats, such as flavored matcha powder blends and sweetened matcha tea powders that offer a convenient way to incorporate matcha into any lifestyle. Four Sigmatic’s Organic Mushroom Matcha powder -- which contains the added superfoods Lion's Mane and ginger -- is just one example of the rise of matcha drink mixes.

A tin of flavored matcha powder next to a green smoothie bowl and banana.


Like traditional matcha powder, the matcha green tea used in ready-to-mix matcha still goes through the same delicate process of growing, harvesting, and stone-grinding hand-selected tea leaves. It is only after the matcha production process is finished that food and beverage manufacturers find and create the creative combinations and sweetened matcha powder mixes taking over the market today.

According to 2019 beverage trends, the demand for new textures and functionality is also growing among tea consumers. It just so happens that flavored matcha powders have both! Besides its known benefits, matcha green tea powder is an instant and healthy plant-based drink that can be combined with other superfoods. This takes matcha to a whole new level.

flavored matcha mixes used in smoothies


Health-conscious individuals can find a variety of matcha superfood combos. Flavored green tea powder with added health benefits, like probiotic lemonade matcha mix, and sweet matcha powders mixes are gaining mass appeal for their convenient way to easily incorporate matcha and additional superfoods into any dietary lifestyle.

Matcha powder mixes can take the stress out of preparation without sacrificing any health benefits. For example, some flavored matcha powder brands focused on health and wellness are now combining the power of matcha with other popular superfoods like turmeric, yerba mate, and beetroot alongside the loaded chlorophyll and antioxidants that come with ceremonial grade matcha.


According to World Tea News, consumers will soon see a growing number of instant unsweetened and sweetened matcha mixes on store shelves with an equally growing line of matcha flavored products that include ingredients like chocolate chili spice, coconut, ginger, and chai. The forms in which these creative products are delivered are equally diverse. Flavored matcha powder products are available in a wide variety of packaging options, including single-serve to-go packets, ready-to-drink beverages, bags, and tins.

Ikeda Tea World specializes in providing high-quality custom matcha teamixes for private label brands. When it comes to sweet matcha powder, the sky's the limit for the products that can be created, and we are all for it! Contact us today to learn more about how you can get into this growing trend.